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Meet the Solutions Florida Team

Addiction Solutions of Florida was founded by a former alcoholic with an astonishing 26 years sober. He’s made a point to only bring on the top staff members in their respective fields to maintain the highest quality of treatment for struggling alcoholics and addicts.

Steve Sachs, CAC


Solutions Program Director, Steven Sachs moved to Florida in 2009 from New York. In New York, Steve worked for 22 years in a residential facility that focused primarily on methadone to abstinence. He has since retired from this program, where he provided services centered on group therapy, relapse prevention, anger management, detoxification and individual counseling. Steve was highly recognized in his field for his continual use of Motivational Enhanced Therapies, which are based in utilizing an individual’s strengths to propel them towards recovery and hope for living a more bountiful life.

After transitioning to Florida, Steve has worked in several treatment facilities as both a primary therapist and a counselor. It was at one of these facilities that Steve met Solution’s Recovery Center’s CEO, Daniel Callahan. Dan asked Steve to join the Solution’s team in 2013. At Solutions Steve continues to relay compassion, empathy and respect for the guests that are in his care. Steve makes himself available to staff, whether it is to process scenarios that take place during the treatment day, or to advise them on the most appropriate and ethical practice for the guests.

Tim Murphy, MS, RMHCI

Solutions Therapist tim-murphyTim Murphy is a Masters Level Therapist who brings 25 years of business and “real” world experience to The Healing Arts Profession. Tim has experience working with adolescents, adults, and families with Addiction Issues, Impulse Control Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma. He is also a Certified Prepare/Enrich Marriage Assessment Facilitator. Tim’s core belief is in the holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and soul. His passion is to help those struggling with addiction, anxiety, and depression to live a life of freedom and abundance.

David Briner, CACI

Solutions Addictions Counselor (Innovator) ddavidbrinerI have 4.5 years of experience working a program of recovery. With god’s grace all 3.5 years I have not felt it necessary to pick up a drink or a drug. I have a sponsor who has a sponsor who also has a sponsor and have been blessed to be given the opportunity to sponsor other men myself. I am a member of hospitals and institutions in my area and bring a meeting into a treatment center to addicts and alcoholics that can not go to outside meetings while in treatment. I have a working knowledge of the twelve steps and traditions and are currently working with my sponsor on the twelve concepts. My work at solutions includes counseling guests by sharing my experience, strength, and hope them. Leading by example I confirm that there is a better way to live without the use of drugs and alcohol with a freedom that I have never felt prior to coming into recovery.

Suzan Garfinkel, CACI

Solutions Addictions Counselor (Innovator) suzanI begin my career in recovery in 1990 at Coral Springs care unit for four years in the capacity of mental health technician in 1995 I was accepted at highpoint treatment center as an assistant to the doctors and nurses in the detox unit I was promoted to Director of Admissions after 4 years I had the opportunity to join the team at alternatives in treatment in 2000 my position was behavior health technician where I had the honor of counseling the clients and assisting them in recovery. I became a home health worker for early gestation babies and the elderly for 8 years I came back to recovery as this is my passion I have more than 30 years of personal recovery and also it’s my pleasure to work with people who are struggling with this terrible disease I respect them and their goal to lead productive lives. recovery is an achievable goal and I am honored to be working with them on their journey. I’m presently employed at Solutions recovery my job title is innovator/counselor the priority is the guests and there needs as they relate to recovery it’s been my pleasure to be part of this team since July and hopefully for many years to come the philosophy is to teach spiritual and holistic lifestyle.

Carol Hessler


Vocational Coordinator Carol Hessler brings 18 years of experience in business and recovery to the Solutions Recovery Center team. Carol’s passion is helping others to build a foundation for their own recovery so that they can honor their journey through life. She is an exceptional communicator and is a positive, energetic person. Carol currently resides in South Florida with her husband Steven and is a loving mother to two grown sons, Joseph and Kevin. Carol is also enrolled at IFAS where she is continuing her education in the addictions field. Carol can be reached at