Solutions is unlike any other treatment center.

We're a cut above the rest.

[/programrowone] [programrowtwo img_url="http://www.solutionsrehab.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/program.png" alt="tea" width="250" height="167" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-416"] When you or a loved one have a problem with addiction, don't just settle for any treatment center. Go to the most effective center in the United States, Solutions Recovery Center. Our founder has over 29 years sober and has built the program to effectively treat addiction and allow you to live a happy, healthy life. [/programrowtwo] [programrowthird]

1. Founded by a Recovering Alcoholic Who Turned His Life Around

So many rehab centers are run by therapists that have never personally experienced what it's like to be dependent on a substance... to fight the pull... and to break free of it. The founder of Solutions, Dan Callahan is a recovered alcoholic. Dan has been sober for over 29 years. Along the way, he's become a licensed therapist, credentialed addictions professional and leader in the community.

2. The First & Only Center to Offer "The Break Free Plan"

Did you know that most treatment centers do not have a proven treatment system they follow? That's why we created The Break Free Plan™, a game-changing program where a coordinated treatment game plan is followed with every individual in mind.  We use the "Triangle Offense" where every guest has a primary therapist, also a primary counselor  and additional addictions facilitators on the team for the unexpected times of crisis or need.  Finally, if you opt into the Break Free Plan™, once the treatment session ends a Solutions facilitator will accompany your loved one home - and stay with him, helping them with the reintegration process, i.e. a family reintegration session, introduction to a mentor in the community, aftercare therapist and local mutual support groups. [/programrowthird]