Alcohol is not a solution but a quick fix for a more in-depth problem. Temptations are everywhere, especially when you are visiting unknown destinations and are given an incredible number of alcoholic options to indulge. But, you know better than that, don’t you? Here are a few tips to help you stay sober when traveling:

Find Happiness Within

Most addictions come as a result of deep personal dissatisfaction with your current circumstances, a recent trauma, loss of a loved one, or any other general discontent you may feel. We are all weak to temptation but, the difference between those who decide to start using substances (e.g., alcohol,) and those who don’t is self-awareness and emotional stability. Although nobody is saying that it’s irrelevant what is bothering you, we are trying to point out that no inner pain will be solved by emptying a few bottles of your favorite alcoholic drink.

Instead of trying to find consolation in little pleasures, invest your efforts into finding the root of your problem and dealing with it like an emotionally stable, self-loving individual. The moment you start seeing happiness within through counseling, meditation, therapy, etc. is when all negative temptations lose their power over you.

Empty the Minibar

A solid “in the moment solution” is emptying the mini bar in your hotel room. The most effective option would be to call the hotel in advance and ask them to empty the minibar before you arrive. No one is questioning your willpower, but – the less alcohol there is in your room, the less tempted you’ll be to drink.

Get Distracted by the Beauty of Your Destination

When you travel to an area you’ve never seen before, temptations are many concerning (alcoholic) beverages you could consume. But, there’s so much more than temptation surrounding you: you have to keep your eyes open for the good stuff. Instead of thinking about the next bar you’ll go to, embrace the beauty of the place around you. Enjoy in the architecture, get lost in the history of this place, talk to the locals for more information, visit fascinating museums and galleries, grab a bite at a favorite place, and take photos of things you find interesting. In other words, keep yourself occupied with the good stuff, and you won’t get tempted.

P.S. When you sit in a restaurant or food joint for a hot plate, be straightforward with the waiter and tell them you are in recovery. Ask for their support by asking them to decline your order if you order something alcoholic.

Surround Yourself with Things You Love

One of the best ways to free your mind of drinking ideas is to surround yourself with things that evoke tranquility and calm. Bring your favorite pillow with you to sleep with and feel all tucked in as you would at home; bring your favorite movies to watch, books to read and other entertaining elements that always keep you happy. If you’ve got a dog, bring them along, too. If possible, ask your therapist for a letter, so that the dog can join you for free. The idea is to recreate your comfort zone with all the elements that you generally find soothing.

Instead of giving in to your primal impulses and letting the idea of “reward” through an alcohol-use takeover, embrace the beauty of self-love and say “No” to things are that destroying you. Be stronger than your temptations.