4 Ways to Stay Sober While Traveling

Posted by Seamus Callahan in Blog on June, 05 2018

Alcohol is not a solution but a quick fix for a more in-depth problem. Temptations are everywhere, especially when you are visiting unknown destinations and are given an incredible number of alcoholic options to indulge. But, you know better than that, don’t you? Here are a few tips to help you stay sober when traveling:  … Read more

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The Heroin Epidemic Ignition: Is Reformulation of OxyContin to Blame?

Posted by Seamus Callahan in Blog on May, 25 2018

To be blunt in answering the question proposed by the title – yes – at least, according to the working paper by William Evans and Ethan Lieber of the University of Notre Dame and Patrick Power of Boston University conducted as part of the National Bureau of Economic Research. When back in 2010 OxyContin was  … Read more

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