Parents Guide to Talking to Their Kids About Addiction

Posted by Seamus Callahan in Insight on September, 17 2015

Addiction can be a tricky subject to address with children. To make it a little more informative and less uncomfortable, there are certain techniques and tips that a parent or educator can use to initiate and carry out the conversation. It’s also very important to educate yourself on the topic to be discussed. Whether it’s  … Read more

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Daily Motivation: Support Quotes To Keep You on Track

Posted by Seamus Callahan in Insight on July, 14 2014

No matter who you are, as you go through the addiction recovery process there will be challenges to overcome. Many people dig deep down inside to find the motivation they need to stay on the right track. Others require outside help to ensure that they remain sober for the rest of their life. Support Quotes  … Read more

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