Doctor Arrested For False Prescriptions Enters Rehab Business

Posted by Seamus Callahan in News on January, 13 2017

It’s safe to say most medical doctors are good people. You don’t spend eight or more years in college studying how to fix people if you’re an evil person. Obviously here and there you’ll come across a quack, and surely some doctors care more about money than patients, and that’s a horrible thing. Still, even  … Read more

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Drugs are Now Deadlier than Bullets

Posted by Seamus Callahan in Blog on December, 07 2016

Drugs killed more people than gun homicides last year. This is the first time ever. Last year produced 52,404 drug overdose deaths, setting a new record for most drug-caused deaths in one year. Guns killed 36,252 people. Previously the record for most drug-caused deaths belonged to 2014. This is not a good trend. From 2014  … Read more

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