Drinking Alcohol Is NOT a Cure for Stress

Posted by Seamus Callahan in Uncategorized on May, 03 2018

Can consumption of alcohol cure stress? Not really. Alcohol is a quick fix for stress and has adverse side-effects. It is in no ways a solution to stress. Temporarily, alcohol can numb the feelings of stress. It suppresses the symptoms but does not reverse the underlying causes. The Lure of Alcohol Most people who resort  … Read more

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How Children are Losing Their Parents to Opioid Addiction

Posted by Seamus Callahan in Uncategorized on April, 13 2018

What could be more traumatic to a child than witnessing their parent wither away due to opioid addiction? Drug addiction of parents is increasing becoming a menace that is ruining the lives of their children. Opioid-related deaths are on the rise as more and more adults are getting hooked on prescription medication. Many opioid addicts  … Read more

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