Drug addiction can cause many health issues, and long term drug abuse especially, can really strain a person’s body. Long term addiction can cause lasting physical and emotional issues that can affect many aspects of life. Short term drug addiction can also cause serious health and other issues and anyone suffering from a short or long term addiction should seek the help of a qualified professional in attending rehab and getting clean.

Psychological Effects of Addiction

Long term drug use can cause a number of serious psychological issues. The conditions that can arise may range from mild to serious and can have major impacts on the life of the addicted individual. The most common psychological effects of long term drug use include:

  • Paranoia – Many drug addicts report feeling paranoid when using, likely stemming from the fact that drug use is illegal. Addicts tend to become more and more paranoid over time as they continue using drugs.
  • Depression – When a person uses drugs, they begin to build up a tolerance and over time it takes increasing amounts of the substance to achieve a high. When the person is unable to achieve the high they are after they can become depressed. Feelings of shame and remorse can also cause addicts to suffer from chronic depression. Depression unfortunately tends to lead to a continued cycle of addiction, as the more depressed an addict feels, the more likely they are to continue using drugs.
  • Anxiety – Many drug users will feel anxious and unsettled and may have trouble staying focused or sitting still for any long period of time. Drug induced anxiety can cause issues with work performance, relationships, and more.

Physical Effects of Addiction

Along with all of the long term psychological effects of addiction, there are also physical effects. Long term addicts often face many health issues as the drug or alcohol use begins to destroy the body. Some of the physical effects of long term drug use include:

  • The Liver – It is well known that alcohol abuse can cause serious issues with the liver but liver failure can also occur in those abusing other drugs. For instance, for those that use substances such as Oxycontin and Vicoden for many years habitually, there is a serious risk of liver failure.
  • The Kidneys – Kidneys can also be affected by long term drug or alcohol use. Over many years, the kidneys will become damaged. Kidney failure can be common among long term users of drugs such as heroin, and crystal meth, among others.
  • The Lungs – Anyone who smokes and inhales drugs are putting their lungs at increased risk of serious health issues. Smoking drugs such as crystal meth and crack cocaine can have effects on the lungs similar to those of long term nicotine use.
  • The Heart – Addicts that use stimulants such as cocaine can cause major damage to the heart. One of the most common effects of long term drug use is heart disease and heart failure.

In addition to the physical and psychological effects of long term drug addiction, addicts are at constant risk of suffering from an overdose. Long term users build up a tolerance to drugs, leading them to use increasingly large amounts. This can lead to an increased risk of overdose which can ultimately lead to death. In order to preserve their health, it is important for anyone suffering from a drug addiction to seek help in order to become sober.

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