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Our Florida Based Rehab Facility

Do you want to be among the 24 guests we accept to help live their life better? This can be your tranquil home for your individualized treatment programs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Solutions in Florida?

A less-than-ideal location can quickly turn into an excuse for an addict to quit rehab. Our Florida location leaves nothing to complain about... which means one less excuse. For people from New York, the midwest and as far as California, getting away to a private rehabilitation center - where no one knows you - is important. Also, flying to Florida is easy from nearly any location in the US. So your loved one could be on a plane here as soon as tomorrow.

This feels like a vacation. Is it?

It's easy to look at our facilities, including our proximity to sandy beaches, and feel more resentment toward your loved one. Why does he get to go on vacation while you're stuck - yet again - holding down the fort? Please know that this is not a vacation for him. This will be the first of a lifelong series of challenges he'll face as he works to overcome a deep dependency on substances.

Is help available 24/7?

Yes, a Solutions thera-coach and support staff will be available night and day. Treatment takes place daily between approximately 9am and 6pm, so after-hours help is intended for emergencies only or as scheduled.

What does my loved one have to bring?

Yes, room and board is included. That means that we'll provide your loved one with an outfitted bed in a furnished residence, kitchen facilities, three meals a day, beverages, towels - everything you'd expect from a live-in treatment center. The cost of therapy and any medication for detox is also included. They will however, need to bring clothing, toiletries and money for sundries - like a coffee or a movie every now and then. Contact us to learn more about what's included.

Is smoking allowed?

Yes, cigarette smoking is allowed. We do not provide cigarettes to our guests, nor do we sell them on the premises.

If I want to visit, can I stay at Solutions, too?

No, we don't allow family or friends of our guests to stay on our grounds. You're welcome to come for visits and family therapy sessions, but, if you decide to stay in the area overnight, you'll need to find lodging at a hotel or elsewhere. Contact us now or Verify your Insurance