Heroin Addiction Treatment in Florida

Specialized Treatment for Heroin Addicts

Choosing a rehab center for a heroin addiction is a serious decision. This could be the difference between getting your life back on track and continuing down the same path. At Addiction Solutions of Florida, we take a unique approach when it comes to helping men who are dealing with a heroin addiction and looking for professional assistance. [/programrowone] [programrowtwo img_url="/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/step-img.jpg" alt="heroin addiction page image" caption="We do not employ any medication within our center. Every person with an opiate addiction is medically detoxed prior to admitting to Solutions. This includes opiate addiction treatment, along with the treatment of benzos."] Heroin addiction is an epidemic of massive scale as of 2016. When you or a loved one is stricken with the the deadly grip that heroin can have, choosing help can become a task. At Solutions we have a specific treatment protocol for heroin and other opiate addictions that is far more successful than the traditional methods of old. While you may feel sick, and depressed at a time like this, Solutions is here to remind you that hope is around the corner. Our rehab facility is small in size (24 men), and will offer the individual attention you need to recover. The process is not rapid, nor is it simple. With the tools you will learn at Addiction Solutions of Florida, you will recover, and get your life on track! [/programrowtwo] [programrowthird]

Heroin Detox is Available

If you have spent any time researching local heroin rehab centers, you are likely aware that many don’t offer detox. This is not the case at Addiction Solutions of Florida. We work alongside a few elite detox centers in Florida in order to ensure your success, and a stable foundation. Solutions has been helping people like you for many years, and our knowledgeable addiction treatment staff understands what needs to be done. We pride ourselves on being the best rehab center in the area, and back that up with results, and consistent improvement. After your initial medical evaluation, it will be determined if detox is necessary. Should you require a medical detox program, Solutions will schedule and oversee the entire process from beginning to end.

Private and Confidential Heroin Treatment

Just because you have an issue with heroin dependency doesn't mean your life is over. In fact, you are taking the first step in normalizing your life so you can once again enjoy your family and career. Regardless of your background, we know that privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance. For this reason, we offer the best of the best in terms of privacy. Our locations in Boca Raton & Delray Beach make Solutions Recovery Center the perfect option for men from other areas of Florida as well as out of state.

Beat your Heroin Addiction with The Break Free Plan™

Overcoming your addiction to heroin is not something you can expect to happen overnight. This is a detailed process that takes the proper approach and professional advice. While most heroin rehab centers don’t have a proven treatment system, at Solutions Recovery Center we know what works. The Break Free Plan™ has helped many men overcome an addiction to heroin, as well as a variety of other drugs. With our “Triangle Offense,” every patient has a primary counselor, primary therapist, and addiction facilitators overseeing their progress. This goes a long way in ensuring that you are in good hands at all times, regardless of the situation you are facing. Worried about what will happen when you finally leave the center? Don’t be. This is another area in which we differ from the rest. Once your treatment concludes, a facilitator will accompany the guest back to their home*. Even more so, the facilitator will stay there, helping the person get into a normal routine.

We Will Help

At Addiction Solutions of Florida, we strongly believe that there is no such thing as “being in too deep.” Regardless of how long you have been dealing with your addiction or what type of pain it has caused you in the past, there are things you can do to take back your life. As one of the best men’s rehab centers for heroin addiction, we take great pride in helping anybody in need of assistance. To get started, follow these steps: [listcircle]
  • Contact us to speak with a program advisor
  • Learn more about our program, helping you decide if now is the time to get help
  • Verify your insurance coverage or discuss other payment options

Our unique approach has helped hundreds of men, just like you, beat their heroin addiction and reclaim the life they once had.

*The Break Free Plan™ is an opt in service and may require an additional, nominal fee. Insurance does NOT cover this service. Please speak with a Solutions staff member about qualification for this program.