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Miami Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Miami Rehabs With a population of nearly 400,000, Miami is the second largest city in Florida—a state that consistently ranks as having one of the worst substance abuse problems in the country. Through the years, Miami has earned a reputation as a sort of national drug capital. During the 1980s Miami was the drop off point and national distribution hub for cocaine imported from South America. This dark era of Miami’s otherwise rich, colorful culture and history is the subject of the award winning documentary Cocaine Cowboys and the popular 1980s TV series Miami Vice. Miami, along with the rest of Florida, found itself struggling with another drug abuse catastrophe; this time, prescription painkillers replaced cocaine as the culprit during the first decade of the new millennium. Pain clinics began sprouting up in strip malls across Miami. Word on the street was; all you needed was an MRI and you will be prescribed large supplies of prescription opioids. “Doctor shopping” became a problem. Drug seekers were going from “pill mill” to “pill mill”, stocking up on drugs to be distributed around the country. Learn more about addiction treatment services in general or: [button link="/drug-treatment/"]Drug Treatment[/button]   [button link="/alcohol-treatment/"]Alcohol Treatment[/button]   [button link="/detoxification/"]Detoxification[/button] You can verify your coverage by clicking here. In 2010, Florida’s Justice Department was given the power to begin shutting down offending pain clinics. These measures worked; the year to year Florida drug data clearly illustrates a sharp decline in prescription pill use, arrests, and deaths following the crack down. But, as the supply of illicit prescription pills began to dwindle, use of heroin, a cheaper, more easily obtained opiate alternative, went up. Given its history as a continuing center of national drug activity, many different types of drug and alcohol rehabs have opened up across Miami and its surrounding areas. Not only do South Florida residents benefit from the growth of rehab facilities in Miami, the city’s weather and beauty serve as a strong drawing card for potential clients nationwide. But, because not all facilities are alike, there are some factors that must be considered when choosing a rehab in Miami. First, cost; prices range from no-cost state run programs to luxury rehab facilities meant for the wealthy. Most insurance policies cover treatment, but to different degrees. Most treatment facilities have Admissions Counselors to help potential clients understand their coverage—make the call. Next, duration of treatment; some rehabs are designed for short term treatment—usually 30 days with a focus on 12 Step practices and community contact to prepare clients for their return home. Other rehab programs can last up to a year. This time is spent identifying and addressing the underlying causes associated with addiction. Finally, treatment philosophy; while all reputable treatment centers offer evidence-based treatment and counseling, some may lean more toward a 12 Step approach, while others may be religion centered. These are but a couple of examples, there are more; take the time to research your options. Less than an hour north of Miami in Coconut Creek, Addiction Solutions of Florida can offer those in Miami struggling with addiction another benefit, distance. Although just up the road, Addiction Solutions of Florida can provide a safe, secure environment, away from the stressors of life in Miami, to begin the journey of recovery. Addiction Solutions has developed an all-inclusive treatment program, designed to meet the specific needs of each individual. Although research is clear that the longer the stay in treatment, the better chance at sustained sobriety; Addictions Solutions understands that family and work responsibilities may limit one’s time in treatment, but, if this is the case, Addiction Solution’s therapists and counselors will develop a detailed, well-rounded discharge plan to make long-term recovery possible. Whatever your needs, Addiction Solutions of Florida is professionally equipped to help anyone suffering from addiction, and to begin a new, productive life in recovery.

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