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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Orlando

Orlando Rehabs   Despite increased societal focus, research studies, and the tireless effort of health care professionals, the abuse of drugs and alcohol is still a distressing fact of life for millions of Americans. Combined with tobacco abuse, alcohol and illicit drug abuse nationwide, taxpayers are burdened to the tune of more than $700 billion annually. Orlando, Florida is not exempt from these disturbing numbers. In stark contrast with the overwhelming monetary consequence associated with drug and alcohol abuse, is the unfortunately small number of people who get the help they need. A 2009 study conducted by SAMHSA concluded that although more than 23 million Americans were in need of treatment, yet less than 3 million (11.2 percent) received help at a specialty facility. If you or a loved one in Orlando are in need of help with drug and/or alcohol addiction, don’t hesitate, help is available. While the list of drug/alcohol rehabs in Orlando is relatively extensive, it may serve the person well to choose help out of town. Use the opportunity to get away from the stressors of everyday life, use this time to make a fresh start. Learn more about addiction treatment services in general or: [button link="/drug-treatment/"]Drug Treatment[/button]   [button link="/alcohol-treatment/"]Alcohol Treatment[/button]   [button link="/detoxification/"]Detoxification[/button] You can verify your coverage by clicking here. Addiction Solutions of Florida in Coconut Creek, Fl. offers just that, a professional treatment experience removed from the stressors and influences of life in Orlando. Solutions provides a recovery opportunity within a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. Therapy Professionals at Solutions combine the most current evidence based therapeutic models with traditional, time-tested 12 Step programs, Mindfulness practices, and psychology based educational groups to offer a well-rounded, individual centered experience. Recent studies show that this mix of strategies offer the best chance for recovery. Solutions understands the challenges faced as our guests complete the Solution’s process and return to Orlando. While time away has allowed emotional wounds to begin healing (not just for the individual, but for loved ones as well), continued recovery upon return to Orlando will require effort and support. Solutions is committed to sending our Orlando based guests home with everything they need to succeed. Discharge planning includes: family counselling sessions, contact with 12 step program administrators in Orlando; reaching out to potential sponsors and mentors back home; the development of a specific plan to be implemented immediately upon return to Orlando; and, if the individual chooses Solution’s Break Free Plan, a Solutions Professional will accompany the guest back to Orlando, meet with family, and touch base with local recovery resources. So, if you are to be one of the fortunate 1 in 10 struggling with addiction who is able to obtain professional treatment, consider taking time away from your current circumstances in Orlando, heading south to Addiction Solutions of Florida, and take full advantage of the wide ranging recovery strategies Solutions has to offer.

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