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The only rehab center in the Nation that offers "Break Free".

Our treatment programs are designed specifically for your recovery needs. Addiction Solutions of Florida operates seven days a week to ensure that our guests receive all the help they need. While a five day a week schedule benefits the facility, it does not do much for the people who need addiction treatment. We are not here to do what is best for us. We are here to do what is best for you. Learn more

The Proven Program with No Vacations from Sobriety

  • Family & couples support
  • Relapse prevention focus
The one and only way to ensure that your loved one never lets alcohol or drugs interfere with his life, family and happiness again is to say goodbye – for good – to alcohol and drugs. The Solutions treatment program is built on the foundation that the only way to break free of addiction is to banish the idea of ever taking a break from sobriety, starting now.
  • The program begins with detox
  • Treatment Hours 8 am to 3:30 pm daily, with flexibility Sunday for religious observance, sober socialization, recreation and family time.
  • On going support after treatment with our Alumni Program
Learn more about addiction treatment services in general or our Drug Treatment, Alcohol Treatment, or Detoxification programs.

The Break Free Plan™:

What Is It and Why Does It Work? Relapse happens most frequently during the first 7 days after drug or alcohol treatment ends. Our aftercare planning is designed to ease the transition from intensive treatment in a safe environment to weekly, mutual support groups in old, familiar environments. With The Break Free Plan™:
  • A Solutions Theracoach will accompany your loved one home after treatment
  • Your family will get personal support during his first days back home
  • We'll teach him strategies to cope with triggers and manage relationships better
  • We'll go with him to his first mutual support group
In the end, he'll be better prepared - with useful tools and fuller confidence - to stay sober and resist relapse. The Break Free Plan™ is an opt in service for a nominal fee that includes airfare and accommodations. Insurance does not cover The Break Free Plan™. Please speak with a Solutions Program Adviser for complete details on the program.

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