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Nationwide studies conclude that Florida consistently ranks among states with the worst drug problems. Data shows Florida to be among the highest in drug use, offenses, and arrests. Particularly disturbing is the drug use data emerging from studies involving Florida’s youth. Nowhere in Florida is the problem greater that in its northeast region. For instance, while a survey from the Department of Children and Families shows that about 30 percent of Florida’s children have admitted to drug use in their lifetimes, the number grows to 32 percent in Clay County and to 35 percent in Jacksonville’s Duval County. While these studies focus on the drug problem in Florida’s juveniles, the drug use and offenses numbers typically generalize across age groups. While these numbers are disturbing, they are useful indicators pointing to the need for greater professional drug interventions. Jacksonville and its surrounding areas offer a wide variety of drug treatment options, but it may be best to spend some time away. If considering professional help for addiction, an out-of-town rehab may be best. Consider the following benefits of getting away.
  • It removes you from your present environment, and away from the people and other environmental factors that act as cues leading to drug use.
  • Studies show that travel and environmental change has its own therapeutic value.
  • Appraise your current situation. You will see that you have fallen into patterns of unhealthy choices and behaviors. Change and time away will help break these patterns.
  • Considering out-of-town rehabs allows for more options and increases the chances of finding a rehab that will fit your needs.
Learn more about addiction treatment services in general or: [button link="/drug-treatment/"]Drug Treatment[/button]   [button link="/alcohol-treatment/"]Alcohol Treatment[/button]   [button link="/detoxification/"]Detoxification[/button] You can verify your coverage by clicking here. Just a few hours south of Jacksonville in Coconut Creek, Fl., Solutions Recovery Center offers all of the above noted benefits for Jacksonville residents in need of help. Solutions offers individualized treatment interventions in a safe, secure environment free from the stressors of life in Jacksonville. Solution’s team of professional therapists and counselors develop individualized treatment plans meant to utilize this distance, and to help guests address unhealthy patterns from afar. Upon completion of Solution’s program, guests will be equipped with the tools necessary to overcome the cues associated with drug use and relapse. So, give it your best shot, if you are able, get away from the stressors of Jacksonville and get a fresh start at Solutions Recovery Center.

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