Individual Care is a Core Focus

First, The Break Free Plan™ is designed to assure our guest and family that individual care is offered first and foremost. Our "Triangle" Therapeutic Team process ensures that every guest is assigned a Primary Therapist and a Professional Therapeutic Counselor. Addiction Solutions of Florida operates seven days a week to ensure that our guests receive all the help they need. While a five day a week schedule benefits the facility, it does not do much for the people who need addiction treatment. We are not here to do what is best for us. We are here to do what is best for you.

Your Solutions Treatment Includes:

  • 1-on-1 counseling and therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Introduction to Mutual Support concepts
  • Aftercare
  • Continuum of Care -- outpatient program
  • The Break Free Plan

Treatment for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Individual and group counseling will help reveal triggers for drug and alcohol abuse. During therapy sessions with a Solutions Thera-coach, your loved one will develop an understanding of the skills that will break the pattern of substance abuse - and he'll see how to use those skills to avoid relapse. Solutions recognizes the need to reinvent one self for the addict, therefore innovative sessions are offered to address the directional needs of every participant. Individual attention is reflected in our commitment to our guests to have multiple individual sessions per week. Furthermore, every member of our treatment staff are licensed professionals or professional paid Interns with several years of recovery experience of their own.

Counselors 24/7/365

What this translates into is simple, we apply a "Prevent" Therapeutic atmosphere for our guests. Solutions does not rely solely on Behavioral Health Technicians "Techs" to transport or supervise our guests during the evening schedule. Our overnight staff members are skilled facilitators as well, thus enabling our guests access to individual support 24/7. This coverage "Prevents" the crisis atmosphere created at many treatment centers.

The "Triangle Approach"

Our "Triangle" approach is just the beginning of a successful therapeutic experience at Solutions. In fact our comprehensive approach includes our "Direction Plan" philosophy. When we talk about keeping the end in mind we are referring to completion of the "Treatment" aspect of the "Recovery" process. We begin to assist every guest with a game plan to return to their home community or community of choice upon completion of the Addiction Solutions of Florida Program. Our staff members are extremely skilled in aftercare planning. We start assisting every guest immediately upon admission to develop their direction plan.  Vocational services are available to all guests as well.

What is The Break Free Plan™ ?

The Break Free Plan™ is a comprehensive addiction treatment program that begins with the "End" in mind. The Solutions Treatment Team has identified the gaps in the process. Solutions recognizes that an all encompassing program which includes addressing every aspect of an individuals life is essential for success.

The Heart of The Break Free Plan™

At the heart of The Solutions Break Free Plan™ we assist every guest in building a mutual support group, sponsor or mentor, support group itinerary, family reintegration planning, and aftercare therapy. In fact, we uniquely provide as an integral aspect of our program a therapeutic companion for the journey home. Our skilled facilitators will assist in the family reintegration, introduction to sponsor or mentor and self improvement groups as well as aftercare therapist when appropriate. When you take into account that many individuals that leave treatment are often drawn to the airport sports bar or have a quick cocktail on the flight home literally burning the progress made at their treatment center. That potential is drastically eliminated with the Break Free Plan™. As you can see not all rehabs are created equal, Solutions is the only choice for men battling addiction. Call today and a qualified counselor will answer all your questions and get you qualified to achieve "The Solution". *The Break Free Plan™ is an opt in service. Please ask a Solutions staff member on how to qualify.